Department Overview

The computer science department produces cutting-edge research and development, and future IT engineers and developers must be able to comprehend societal and industry patterns as well as imaging devices, processes, and services—as well as the technology needed to make them a reality. Students of the Department of Computer Science gain comprehensive experience as well as a high level of competence.The department's concept of integrating humanities and sciences gives them the expertise and competencies to be the driving force behind innovative and socially responsible information technology applications, as well as the opportunity to face demands as they pioneer new fields of information science.


Five Credits at SSCE (or its equivalent) including English, Mathematics, Physics plus two other science subjects.
UTME subjects are: English, Mathematics, Physics and one of Biology, Chemistry, Agric Science, Economics and Geography.

Degree Awarded

B.Sc Computer Sciences

B.Sc Cyber Security

B.Sc Software Engineering
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